Fabrica Valerio Shing A Ling 906VA132VA


Shing A Ling

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Valerio is an elegant style balancing dense construction and layers of texture to create a sense of movement and poise. With a tone-on-tone striated rib effect space dyed with 90% New Zealand StrongWool and a hint of high luster yarn, Valerio dances with the idea that sophistication can be cultured and cunning. From neutrals and browns to grays and blues, this versatile collection is sure to add graceful rhythm to any interior space as a broadloom installation or as an area rug.
Fabrica Valerio Mambo 906VA989VA
Fabrica Valerio Conga 906VA357VA
Fabrica Valerio Samba 906VA655VA
Fabrica Valerio Rhythm And Blues 906VA696VA
Rhythm And Blues
Fabrica Valerio Bongos 906VA793VA
Fabrica Valerio Dance Moves 906VA969VA
Dance Moves
Fabrica Valerio Shing A Ling 906VA132VA
Shing A Ling
Fabrica Valerio Bandstand 906VA244VA

Product Attributes

Collection Valerio
Color Shing A Ling
Style Loop
Application Residential